Sex dolls for creeps? MRE's? TEXIT? A Baby? Friend of the show and co-host of Radio Tatas and Non Committal, Lara Smith helps Dave sort through the madness.

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Gabe aka @stoopidtree is back to chat about a grab bag of topics ranging from politics, to father's day and yeah, wrestling. Dave gives an update on his critically acclaimed #WWE23 project. 

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Dave's homies from work, Rupert and Armando stop by to shoot the shit. It's all over the place. There may be Spanish and gritos and Tejano music. 

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Dave's buddies, Peter and Bryan stop by to talk professional wrestling, notably, Dave's new pet project of watching every episode of WWE RAW, Smackdown and Pay Per View starting with the 1st episode of RAW in 1993. 

Bryan, being a WCW fan, provides a lot of cool info and trivia on the now defunct promotion. Be sure to check out his site, WCW Worldwide.

Follow Dave's observations on his ridiculous by hitting up the hashtag #WWE23 on Twitter. 

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Dave's homegirl, Valerie stops by to talk about NYC comedian, Dave Hill, inattentive parents, their joint venture with Comedy Wham and for some reason, Stone Cold Steve Austin makes an appearance. 

Since Dave misses Ruca, Valerie gives him a woobie. 

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While Ruca's hiatus continues, Dave has Dustin Svehlak on the show. Dustin and Dave talk about Austin's comedy scene, movies and Dustin's long list of projects including his work on the Almost Related podcast, covering shows at Cap City Comedy Club and more. 

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Dave explains the two week hiatus and why Ruca isn't on the show this week. He also promotes morally gray superheroes and compares two big movies. 

Other topics this week include Guy Clark, Emilio Navaira, Dave's Dad's ridiculous Whataburger protest, small penises, and Ready Player One.

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Episode 181: Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Ruca returns to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Dave. If you want to know what they sound like while podcasting drunk, this is the episode for you. Tons of Tejano music, chit chat and gritos. There's also that little thing about Trump beating Cruz's ass in the primary, Cruz not being a real Texan and Ruca's view of Hillary Clinton. Austin comedian, Maggie Maye is what's new this week. 

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Episode 180: Gabe Is A Tree

Dave's buddy, Gabe Jiminez, fills in for an absent Ruca. Over the course of the podcast, and several vodka and water-ish drinks, they cover Moontower Comedy Fest to politics, Dave's fucked up fence, and other stuff. Just listen for Gabe is a tree of hope and his loved ones are shaded in his branches. 

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Ruca and Dave record early this week due to Dave's involvement with the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. 

Ruca is under the weather as she and Dave recap an interesting weekend and discover the mysteries of Stonehenge (hint: it involves satanic giants ;))

What's New features a new Netflix Sitcom called The Ranch.

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