Episode 180: Gabe Is A Tree

Dave's buddy, Gabe Jiminez, fills in for an absent Ruca. Over the course of the podcast, and several vodka and water-ish drinks, they cover Moontower Comedy Fest to politics, Dave's fucked up fence, and other stuff. Just listen for Gabe is a tree of hope and his loved ones are shaded in his branches. 

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Ruca and Dave record early this week due to Dave's involvement with the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. 

Ruca is under the weather as she and Dave recap an interesting weekend and discover the mysteries of Stonehenge (hint: it involves satanic giants ;))

What's New features a new Netflix Sitcom called The Ranch.

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Ruca and Dave talk about an upcoming date night involving Pinata Protest and Black Irish at Strange Brew Coffee. Ask Ruca features a religious question. Dave lays into North Carolina's morality and What's New features a crazy local restaurant. 

Our good friend Andrew Gerome is fighting through a serious medical issue which has left him in ICU for an extended period of time. It will also leave him with crippling medical bills. There's a Go Fund Me page set up to help him out. Please show some love by clicking here and making a donation. He's legitimately one of the nicest folks we know.

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Episode 177: Ruca Watches Wrestlemania 32

Ruca got through half of Wrestlemania 32. She just couldn't hang for the 5 hour extravaganza. Even still, her commentary is golden. Dave discovers 10 Japanese travel tips to the U.S. Mighty Marshall makes an appearance. R.I.P Merle Haggard. 

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Ruca celebrates Selena's deathday. It's like a birthday but opposite. Dave has had enough with GOP shenanigans and uncorks. Plus Easter, a really long mass, family pics and listener feedback. 

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Episode 175: The Selena Happy Funtime Hour with Daniel Webb

Austin comedian, and part time drag performer Daniel Webb swings by to chat with Ruca and Dave about Selena, and stuff. Stuff like living in Ft. Worth, moving to Austin, performing comedy, music, and drag shows. Dave drops an new "What's New" sounder.

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Another episode and another niece. This time Destinee visits Ruca and Dave and helps Ruca with her monthly advice segment. Things get real, until AdviceBot 6000 (tm) shows up. 

Dave drops a pop version of the "What's New" sounder and Ruca's reaction to the sounder and topic are... well, just listen. 

Also, are people just brains in jars collectively hallucinating? 

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Friend of the show, Lara of the Radio Tatas and Non Committal podcasts sits and chats with Ruca and Dave about the differences between latinos, hispanics, and what the hell is going on with the GOP.

Oh and what are 23 things you can find in every Mexican house? What is the the topic of this week's What's New segment? Does Ruca like this week's sounder? Will AdviceBot 6000 (tm) make an appearance?

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Ruca and Dave's niece, Maci, stops by the studio and saves them from this week's socio-political insanity, and talks about her upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

AdviceBot 6000 shows up with a special announcement. This week's "What's New" segment features gratitude journals, and Dave reads a few of his recent entries. 

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Episode 171: A Woman's Place

Ruca and Dave talk about the Top 20 Alternative Rock One Hit Wonders of the 90's. Ruca shares a secret about one fo the songs. 

Religion pops up in the form of a blog post about Helping Women Learn Their Place, of course this is Bible related. Dave expresses deep regret and embarrassment in regard to the Republican Primary and debates. 

The "What's New" segment features another new sounder and local comedian Mac Blake, and Ruca meets AdviceBot 6000 (tm) for the first time. 

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