Summerslam happened and Ruca watched it. Oh the quotes are amazing. So is her post event commentary and insight. Dave finds a lost Dr. Seuss text and does what he does best. 

Also, what advice would AdviceBot 6000 have told StoopidTree regarding his Ask Ruca question from episode 147?  Tune in to find out.

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Dave reveals another new intro. Cecil the Lion checks in from the great beyond. Ruca bregrudgingly answers advice questions in her monthly segment "Ask Ruca." Plus politics, the Duggars, Ruca's spanish word of the week and postpartum depression. Yaaaaaaaay.

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Dave debuts a new intro. Ruca has opinions about it. They debate over who's ideas are more insane and entertain a variety of topics provided by the listeners. Tbone shows up to discuss the Fantastic Four Movie and Ruca provides a baby update. 

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Congrats and condolenses to the Rowdies - Ronda and Roddy. Ruca has troubling baby news and Dave discusses circumcision and provides analysis on the upcoming GOP debate. The duo also try to sort out Revolution's plot holes. 

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Ruca has life advice. Dave had a birthday bbq and a dinner at Chile's. Thanks to Ruca, Dave's fixed gear rat cruiser is rolling again. Rest in Peace Cecil the Lion. 

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Ruca & Dave are back after a hectic weekend. Dave has a list of Dad-isms for the baby, you know, fatherly advice. Will Ruca like them? Also, did they really piss off Stone Cold Steve Austin?

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Ruca is MIA so Dave takes the reings, plays some tunes, helps out a hapless dad from Philly and answers some advice questions. It's all pretty chill. The first person to correctly guess tonight's music theme wins Dave's most prized comic, Wolverine #75.

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Dalai Lama quotes lead Dave to discuss why he no longer associates with Protestant Christianity which sends the duo down a rabbit hole of current event topics. 

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It's literally Ruca's Birthday and she gets a ton of love! What is a nouveau bro and is Dave one? Happy birthday to Lisa Jiminez. Dave also has some home improvement advice for folks not in the know.

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Ruca and Dave are back and they got new digs!  Dave also has something to get off his his chest. The "Ask Ruca" returns. Will it be the name of Ruca's existence? 

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