Ruca has life advice. Dave had a birthday bbq and a dinner at Chile's. Thanks to Ruca, Dave's fixed gear rat cruiser is rolling again. Rest in Peace Cecil the Lion. 

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Ruca & Dave are back after a hectic weekend. Dave has a list of Dad-isms for the baby, you know, fatherly advice. Will Ruca like them? Also, did they really piss off Stone Cold Steve Austin?

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Ruca is MIA so Dave takes the reings, plays some tunes, helps out a hapless dad from Philly and answers some advice questions. It's all pretty chill. The first person to correctly guess tonight's music theme wins Dave's most prized comic, Wolverine #75.

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Dalai Lama quotes lead Dave to discuss why he no longer associates with Protestant Christianity which sends the duo down a rabbit hole of current event topics. 

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It's literally Ruca's Birthday and she gets a ton of love! What is a nouveau bro and is Dave one? Happy birthday to Lisa Jiminez. Dave also has some home improvement advice for folks not in the know.

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Ruca and Dave are back and they got new digs!  Dave also has something to get off his his chest. The "Ask Ruca" returns. Will it be the name of Ruca's existence? 

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Ruca is back from her 2 week hiatus and she's got a cool story about a comedian named Gene Harding... hmmm. 

Shoutout to Matt Murphy, Maci DeJesus, Breanna DeJesus and Jordan Rodriguez... oh the places you'll go. 

Rest in peace Christopher Lee, American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Ornette Coleman. You contributions to art and entertainment will not be forgotten. 

Mike Huckabee can suck it. 

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Ruca is out of town so our buddy Justin Vali stops by. Wrestling, marching band, the Duggers, that dude in Phoenix, and death metal. Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink is discussed. Watch out, there are a couple of C-bombs. 

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Dave has the Periscope app. Follow him @ElDavidThomas. He used it to get listeners Gabe and Doug to help pick a few one hit wonders. 


Ruca had to bow out of this episode but Dave keeps the ranting down. It doesn't mean he avoid touchy subjects though.

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Bryan and Brittany make their return for their 3rd appearance on The Ruca and Dave Show where they discuss wreslting, comics, Mortal Combat X, and science. 

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