Episode 168: Que Es Nuevo?

Dave dazzles Ruca with a brand new "What's New" sounder. There's caucus talk, and Mighty Marshall takes a major shit. Ruca has historic Pope news and Dave discovered a new type of human: The Awkwardly Progressive Mom.

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A sweaty preacher needs good clothes and a 2.8 million dollar resort while The Bundys (Militia, not classic TV family) fall apart in Oregon. None of this really matters since Kanye is beefing with Wiz Khalifa!! Oh and Mighty Marshall is quite particular about his bottle service at club Ruca Dave.

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Episode 166: Stay Young

Friend of the show, Laura Paxton, joins Ruca and Dave for a fun conversation about a lot of stuff. Ask Ruca returns and Laura helps her out with some odd advice questions. 

Dave discusses a parallel podcast called, Beaver Exhibit, in this week's "What's New Segment." This causes cross talk about face sitting, Alabama hot pockets, and whether or not chicks like heavy cummers and dick pics. 

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Episode 165: It's Not 166

Ruca is back this week and more celebs have passed away. But Ruca and Dave sally forth with a brand new segment, called "What's New!" and a story of six degrees of serperation. Baby Marshall makes a special guest appearance.

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Tbone and the Dude #4: Kite Sledding

Tbone and the Dude riff on Doctor Who, Batman, and play a few tunes. Tbone uses improv to express his bleak outlook towards the future.

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Episode 164: A Full Year

Ruca and Dave recap their year, discuss New Year's Resolutions, goals, future plans and pay homage to the late Motorhead bassist/frontman, Lemmy Kilmister.

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It's a special holiday episode. Ruca and Dave enlist the help of friends and family in picking a Christmas playlist. Thanks to @hoarr/@wcwworldwide, Ruca and Dave discuss obscure Christmas movies. 


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Tbone and The Dude #4: Does Dane Cook Have Twitter?

Dave removed the original episode 163 from the web because it was a mess. Ruca got sleepy so Tbone filled in and took over the show and that's how this ended up as a Tbone and the Dude episode. 

Just listen, as Tbone and the Dude try to figure out whether or not Dane Cook has a Twitter account and other stuff. 

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Ruca and Dave Presents: The Life and Times of Romeo Rose

Dave goes rogue in this very special Non-Ruca sanctioned episode as he interviews one of Austin Texas' most controversial citizens, Romeo Rose. Recorded live from Mister Tramps, Dave peaks behind the curtain of Romeo Rose's online persona and delves into the life that shaped the man. 

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Bryan Barrera visits Ruca and Dave for a record 4th time. The trio talks about Thanksgiving and Star Wars. After Ruca leaves to check on Marshall, Dave and Bryan keep the conversation rolling by trying to figure out The Flash's timeline, Dave's upcoming Romeo Rose interview from Mister Tramps, and Bryan's website, WCW Worldwide. It's an ode to all things WCW. 

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