The show starts full throttle as Ruca hears Stephen L. Anderson, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe AZ rant about "homos" and "queers." She's not happy. 

The duo revists the Christmas movie topic but get derailed by more kooky Christians who spank their wives... for disciplinary reasons only. Dave tries to smooth things out by talking about how Green Peace violated Peruvian law by traipsing about the Nazca Lines but Ruca isn't happy about that either. 

They finally get back on track and talk about the final Punch! Comedy Show and Christmas gifts. Ruca is happy about that. 

Dave discusses two audio books he's listened to in the last week, Dr. Zimm's Elixer and First Blood. Sorry gang, no flaming skull ratings for these books but they are highly recommended. You can find them here and here

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White privilage, Christmas movies, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving are all topics of conversation this week. Also Dave takes issue with the way some Christians use God in their everyday lives. 

Ruca breaks down a few Christmas movies she's been watching while Dave makes a poignant observation about Christmas movie formulas. Dave breaks down Sons of Anarchy while Ruca makes a poignant observation about that show's formula. Tit for tat. 

White privilage is discussed in the wake of the Furgusen, MO protests and Dave admits to having a mild identity crisis. But have no fear, Buzzfeed and Cameron Esposito save the day. 

Happy birthday wishes are sent out to show friends Val and Eddie.  

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It's an early episode this week for all you Thanksgiving travelers. So her you go:

It's a loaded episode as Ruca and Dave talk about the Grand Jury decision in Furguson and the DA's association with Officer Darren Wilson. 

Things stay heavy as they discuss President Obama's executive order regarding immigration and whether or not he's the worst president ever *spoiler alert* neither Ruca, nor Dave thinks so. 

Dave does try to lighten the mood by trying to sell Ruca on Mitch Hedberg; and Ruca tries to sell Dave on Christmas movies. Both wonder what is going on with Kirk Cameron. 

Also, Ruca and Dave get an amazing compliment from a listener. 

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The dynamic duo also talk about their podcast homies at Radio Tatas, Taco TuesdayBdoe's Show Before the Show and Cj Morgan and Darkives.

Be sure to follow Ruca and Dave on social media. They need 11 more likes of Facebook and they'll do another live podcast. 


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Ruca and Dave are back from their honeymoon in Mexico with advice to future travelers. They also have a special guest, Val Lopez, the official Ruca and Dave Show Fact Checker. 

The trio tries to figure out some snarky questions posted to Americans by Canadians via a buzzfeed article.  Of course Dave has answers. 

Val surprises Ruca and Dave with a newlywed game while Ruca and Dave give her kudos for organizing a sweet charity bowling event for the Dudley and Bob with Matt Morning Show.



Direct download: episode_109.mp3
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Ruca and Dave got married! This partly explains the weird name of this episode. While they win at life, the Democrats lose at politics. Dave deals with an asshat of an uncle. Ruca got her massage finally, and Dave got a chubby. Also, Dave wraps ups his Radio Rumspringa with a heartfelt message to Dale Dudley. 

Also the listeners push Ruca and Dave that much closer to a live show in January. 


Direct download: episode_108.mp3
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As Ruca and Dave finalize their wedding plans, they took time to return to where they first met. They discuss the screwed up situations people face while trying to take vacations, and both talk about how busy things have become.

 Dave gives a run down of the Billy Madison Morning Show on 99.5 KISS FM in San Antonio for his Radio Rumspringa Week 4 review. 

Dave is happy with the wedding music selection and give a list of banned songs. Sorry Darius Rucker, you didn't make the cut. Suprisingly, Def Lepperd isn't on the banned list. 

P.S. Nevermind that noise in the middle of the episode. 

Direct download: Episode_107.mp3
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Oh no! Wolverine is DEAD! There's other stuff too, like what men care about while making whoopie, and Ruca and Dave discuss an article about being unintentionally unfaithful. 

Plus Dave reviews the Morning X with Jason and Deb for his Radio Rumspringa Week 3.  

Direct download: Episode106.mp3
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Ruca and Dave have spent a lot of time on the couch this week. They give flaming skull ratings to four different shows/movies. 

  • American Horror Story
  • The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete
  • Pompeii
  • Hector and the Search For Happiness

Dave gives his Radio Rumspringa Week 2 review of Austin's Mix 94.7 Morning Show with Booker, Alex and Sarah. Dave can be opinionated. 

Things get even more real on the wedding front as Ruca and Dave reach another milestone. Oh and does Ruca believe in aliens?  

Direct download: episode_105.mp3
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Wow, this episode covers Comic Con, Inspire Pro Wrestling's Battle Wars, wedding song feedback and a lot more. Dave gives the run down of the first week of his Radio Rumspringa and rates the New JB and Sandy Morning Show on 105.3 Fringe FM. 

Ruca starts off in a bit of a funk and Dave doesn't help until a rough segue bails him out. Ruca still isn't laughing at what Dave thinks is funny. However, Doug Mellard is funny and Dave gives a rundown on the veteran comedian in his latest Comedy Wham article

The duo gives shoutouts to new podcast friends at Loitering And, Pop Pod, and Zombie Life Podcast. Plus there's tons of listener feedback, and Dave issues a Facebook challenge. 

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