Episode 154: Backwards We Go

Friend of the show, Gabe (@stoopidtree) fills in as the first guest during Ruca's pregnancy sabbatical. Dave and gave cover a bevy of current event topics like Texas school book revisionism, Fantasy Football Gate, Indiana frat-boy sexcapades, and early Christian history. "Brotha Dave" shows up to spread the gospel of American Christianity, and Dave breaks down his number one fear of fatherhood. 

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Episode 153: Selling Ice to Inuits

There have been over 300 doomsday predictions since the Common Era began. They have all been wrong yet people still believe the doomsday prophets. Nibiru has been debunked and still, people believe it exists... they also believe Planned Parenthood uses government money to fund abortions. There are suckers born every minute. 

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Episode 152: Surviving the Apocalypse

Death! Destruction! Pastor Hagee, Jim Bakker and other would have you believe the end is nigh!  Pope Francis simply wants you to be cool to each other. Ruca and Dave simply want you to listen to their show and hang out with their tulpas. It'll all make sense, unlike Mike Huckabee and Carly Fiorina. Oh and how do Ruca and Dave eat Kit Kats?

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Episode 151: Kanoodlin' With Canadians

Dave made new friends with a Canadian podcast named FYFC Podcast. He also did some PR work for the GOP. Ruca and Dave do the right thing and never forget, but Dave has decided to forget a particular website. Listen to find out why. 

The GOP has another "debate," but Bernie Sanders steals the podcast. 

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Ugh! Kim Davis refuses to crawl back under her rock. Things become complicated as Mike Huckabee uses Eye of the Tiger to the chagrin of Survivor. He's not the only Republican candidate to raise the ire of pop musicians though. 

Dave talks about Arrow and recommends a movie. Ruca concurs. Plus, the listeners chime in with a litany of questions. As usual, they all get answered. 

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Episode 149: Just Desserts

This episode isn't all about embattle Rowan Co., KY  county clerk Kim Davis, but most of it is. Ruca and Dave show little sympathy to this aspiring martyr or her Republican presdidential hopeful supports.

It's neither this nor the Pennsylvania judge convicted to 28 years in prison for the "Cash for Kids" is what sets Ruca off. No, it's something much less controversial. 

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Episode 148: Watch Ruca Watch Summerlam

Summerslam happened and Ruca watched it. Oh the quotes are amazing. So is her post event commentary and insight. Dave finds a lost Dr. Seuss text and does what he does best. 

Also, what advice would AdviceBot 6000 have told StoopidTree regarding his Ask Ruca question from episode 147?  Tune in to find out.

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Episode 147: Just Clowning Around

Dave reveals another new intro. Cecil the Lion checks in from the great beyond. Ruca bregrudgingly answers advice questions in her monthly segment "Ask Ruca." Plus politics, the Duggars, Ruca's spanish word of the week and postpartum depression. Yaaaaaaaay.

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Dave debuts a new intro. Ruca has opinions about it. They debate over who's ideas are more insane and entertain a variety of topics provided by the listeners. Tbone shows up to discuss the Fantastic Four Movie and Ruca provides a baby update. 

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Congrats and condolenses to the Rowdies - Ronda and Roddy. Ruca has troubling baby news and Dave discusses circumcision and provides analysis on the upcoming GOP debate. The duo also try to sort out Revolution's plot holes. 

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