Ruca and Dave have spent a lot of time on the couch this week. They give flaming skull ratings to four different shows/movies. 

  • American Horror Story
  • The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete
  • Pompeii
  • Hector and the Search For Happiness

Dave gives his Radio Rumspringa Week 2 review of Austin's Mix 94.7 Morning Show with Booker, Alex and Sarah. Dave can be opinionated. 

Things get even more real on the wedding front as Ruca and Dave reach another milestone. Oh and does Ruca believe in aliens?  

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Wow, this episode covers Comic Con, Inspire Pro Wrestling's Battle Wars, wedding song feedback and a lot more. Dave gives the run down of the first week of his Radio Rumspringa and rates the New JB and Sandy Morning Show on 105.3 Fringe FM. 

Ruca starts off in a bit of a funk and Dave doesn't help until a rough segue bails him out. Ruca still isn't laughing at what Dave thinks is funny. However, Doug Mellard is funny and Dave gives a rundown on the veteran comedian in his latest Comedy Wham article

The duo gives shoutouts to new podcast friends at Loitering And, Pop Pod, and Zombie Life Podcast. Plus there's tons of listener feedback, and Dave issues a Facebook challenge. 

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Dave has jokes. Ruca isn't laughing. They talk about wedding plans and try to figure out what Ruca has that's borrowed, blue, old and new. Dave proposes a list of wedding songs. Ruca loves all of them... not! Was that a "not" joke in 2014?  Yes it was. 

Is Dave a broken human being? If so should Ruca marry him or is it to late?

Dave discovers more to the story last week regarding the math that allegedly proves that blackholes don't exist. Ruca goes on to explain why Neal DeGrasse Tyson scares her.


Most importantly, Ruca and Dave are back plugging away for Inspire Pro Wrestling. Inspire has a huge event on 10/5/14 and it involves Chikara Pro. Listen for deets. 



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It's the science episode! Ruca and Dave talk about lightsabers, blackholes, and Aliens again. Will these things be debunked?  

Speaking of science, Ruca and Dave discuss the movie Tusk. What does that have to do with science?  You got to listen to find out. In anycase, Ruca probably had a better time at her bachelorette party.  

Also, Dave has a new name for the president, "Obambush." But who cares about salute-gate and the U.S. bombing Syrian hillbillies when it's the anniversary of the greatest movie ever made ever, Dazed and Confused.  

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Ruca and Dave are back and this time, they have TBone with them. Dave discovers a Nazi base on the moon, talks about dove hunting and discusses the oddest place to watch the UT game. 

Ruca is happy with the wedding planning and is clueless about Minecraft. TBone steps in with the weirdest accent since the Josh Episode, and talks about school and comedy.

Plus Ruca and Dave discuss the goings on of the Dudley and Bob #Warriors and a secret that isn't anymore. 

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It's the 100th Episode!  Ruca and Dave broadcast live from Mr. Tramps and things get kooky as they discuss past episodes, do another "Ask Ruca" segment and interact with their throngs of screaming fans. What would Ruca do if she found Tbone smoking weed? What would she do if he were in porn? What if it were gay porn? Dave sings again. All this and more!

Thank you again to the the owner and staff of Mr. Tramps. It was a blast and look forward to future endeavors. 

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This week's episode is a bit shorter than normal. Ruca and Dave are pretty busy things. Okay, Dave is. The duo finalize their wedding plans and Dave creates a new game that Ruca goes ga-ga for. Is his celebrity impersonation better than his singing? Maggie Maye and Out of Bounds Comedy Festival are topics. Ruca tries to get political but Dave puts a stop to that... sort of. Twitter never fails to provide feedback either and the duo have new fan who can actually sing!

Don't forgt the epic 100th podcast will be recorded live from Mr. Tramps, in Austin, Texas on 8/31/14 at 1pm.  

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Classism, not Racism. Comedy, Rick Perry, and a really old Bible?  Find out what voting and Amway have in common. 

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There is a heavy cloud over the studio as Ruca and Dave discuss Robin Williams, and the Furguson riots.  Don't worry, Dave saves the day with an awkward segue and topic switches to movies. 

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It's all dudes all night this time.  Dave cracks the mics open with Gabe and Brennan.  Things get weird.  Just give it a listen. 

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