Bryan and Brittany make their return for their 3rd appearance on The Ruca and Dave Show where they discuss wreslting, comics, Mortal Combat X, and science. 

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This one is all over the place. Enjoy. 

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Ruca and Dave are live from Mr. Tramps to promote the American Lung Association's 2015 Fight for Air Climb. Special guests include the American Lung Association's Todd Dixon and Chris Escobar. 

Since it's a special event, Ruca and Dave brought back and old benchmark, "Ask Ruca." It's as good as you think it is. The show was recoded live and posted to Youtube. It was also persicoped by Brennen Strickland. 

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Baltimore is burning and no one is focusing on a key issue: apathy. No one, that is, except Ruca and Dave. They fall down that rabbit hole and discuss how it affects a variety of socio-political topcs. 

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It was an entertaining week for Ruca and Dave. A lot of comedy, bowling and something of a family reunion. All is well and baby is doing fine. Ruca and Dave also talk about a few songs that evoke emotional responses. Does this happen to you?  


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Like a coldsore, politics comes back to The Ruca and Dave Show. As the 2016 elections season starts gaining speed, everyone has an opinion. Even the leader of the NRA but are they legit political concerns or divisive, fear mongering rhetoric?  

All hope is not lost as one particular redneck becomes self aware and it suprises Ruca. 

Economics is addressed as Dave talks about Gwyneth Paltrow's food stamp challenge and a listener's question gets Ruca a bit riled up. All the links can be found on Ruca and Dave's Facebook page so...

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Mark Wahlberg visits Tbone and The Dude. Tbone talks of school life, a possible rule infraction and getting over on teachers. 

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Do you have a nickname for your significant other? Do they have one for you? Dave tries to spice things up with Ruca by proposing several nicknames for the both of them.  

Central Texas has a struggling scene. Adam Wolf and his buddies at Cloudy with a Chance of Comedy are doing everthing they can to grow it. Can it be done? 

Furious 7 is a blockbuster movie. Should it be?  Ruca and Dave give their impressions. 

A live podcast is going down on 5/3 at Mr. Tramps to support the Ruca and Dave Fight for Air Climb Team

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Ruca and Dave have a huge anouncement!!  Also, Ruca watched Wrestlemania with Dave, Brennan, Gabe and Lisa. Hear some of her highlights on this week's episode.

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Ted Cruz! Duck Dynasty Dad! Austin comedian, Chris Cubas! Ruca and Dave talk about all that, plus X-Men: Apocolypse. Can Channing Tatum be a good Gambit? #xmen #apocolypes #tedcruz #duckdynasty #philrobertson #politics #alzheimers #religion #morality 

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