Tbone and Dave sit and chat about a variety of things. Like, Tbone's grades. 

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Ruca and Dave discuss Objectivism and why it doesn't work. They also discuss OUTRAGE!!!! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but between the Oscars and the Walking Dead, there's a ton of OUTRAGE!!! 

Ruca and Dave also speculate on the mysterious lights on dwarf planet Ceres. What could it be? Aliens? Also what is causing those massive sink holes in Siberia? Is it the demon crickets of the apocolypes or something worse?

Dave also drops a Fight for Air Climb update, and Ruca talks about girl's night out. 


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It was almost a happy day in the Lone Star State as same sex couples almost earned civil equality then the government stepped in. Dave isn't happy. 

In lighter news, Ruca and Dave discuss 5 of history's mysteries, and whether or life on earth exists due to alien intervention. 

Ruca provides a 50 Shades of Grey update and the dynamic podcasting duo plug a Pretty Awful, Classified: I'm a Monster and TNM Tonight! 

Don't forget Ruca and Dave are starting their 2015 Fight For Air Climb team and need teamates and donations. 



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It's a more mellow episode as Ruca and Dave talk about the Grammy's, Kanye West, 50 Shades of Gray and how Alabama technically blocked itself from using Christian Law to legislate at the state level... and how Alabama doesn't realize it blocked itself from using Christian Law to legislate at the state level. 

Dave brings back wrestling talk as he discusses WWE's new attempt to outflank smart marks with a new kayfabe strategy. He also talks about movies he didn't see as a kid and Ruca rejects a homework assignment. 

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Ruca and Dave are back in the Cloud 9 Studio with a new intro and hodge podge of topics which culminate in a lengthy discussion on God and religion thanks to a video featuring Stephen Fry. 

That's not all since Dave found out about Kory D. Watkins and his Tarrant Co. Open Cary group. Needless to say, his opinion of them is... well, you have to listen to find out. 

Other topics include a segment that has Florida calling Texas crazy (yes you read that right), and more females getting beat down.

Dave freaks out over the upcoming Marvel reboot can Ruca talk him off his ledge? What will be the fate of his comics?  Also, what is happiness and how do Ruca and Dave quantify it? 

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Tbone (Tommy) and The Dude (Dave) have been talking about doing a podcast together for some time. They finally cracked their mics for their first episode. 

Tbone is freaked out by his voice and not happy with Rambo's magical control of space and time. He also airs and vents some greivences he has with members of his generation. 



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You helped us get to 100 likes on Facebook and as promised, we gave you a live podcast from Mr. Tramps. Topics?  Of course there were topics. Is Dave a Godly man and should he be married to Ruca?  This pastor may disagree. What does Tbone do in the bathroom? Ruca, Dave and the fans speculate and she's not happy. 

Is Dave a feminist? How to the fans handle his rasslin' update?  What exactly does Phoebe Buffay and GTA V have to do with the multiverse and the afterlife?  

All this and more as Ruca and Dave interact directly with fans. 

Big thanks to Alfredo Cedrone owner of Mr. Tramps for letting us podcast live again and for the live recording which can be seen here

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(photo credit: Lisa Jiminez)

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It took four tries to get this thing recorded but Ruca and Dave got it done. Ruca talks of The Selma movie and the African genocide in Boko Haram which occured at the same time as Charlie Hebdo was attacked. 

Ruca and Dave try speculate what's patriotic about sitting in a theater watching a dramatized telling of a Sniper's memoir; why rednecks are so unpatriotic and dishonor American soldiers by hate-protesting American Muslims who are peacefully gathering for a meeting; and watch a Buzzfeed Video about how odd the German language is.

Dave speaks on President Obama, the Tea Party and Ted Cruz. Also, why does Dave tell Dean Cain to go fuck himself?

As always they answer listener questions and read the always cherished feedback. 

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Huge announcement! The live podcast will be on 1/25 at Mr. Tramps 3-4pm. 

On with the show, Ruca and Dave had a quite a few topics this week so here's the list:

Ted Cruz funds NASA?

Russia hates gays?

Who hates the Pope?

Fisting for the Lord?

Sarcastic people are smart?

Bad words are good?

Also, what is Ruca's stance on hash brownies? Can you eat a giraffe? Would you eat a giraffe? If not, then why would you hunt a giraffe? 

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It's the first episode of 2015 and things get real as Dave is barely able to contain his rage over the recent terrorist shooting in Paris. 

It's not all doom and gloom though as Ruca and Dave talk about a recent wrestling event, gay pastors, media bias, a gay couple getting revenge, and idiots posting disclaimers on Facebook. Click the pretty blue links for deets. 




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