It took four tries to get this thing recorded but Ruca and Dave got it done. Ruca talks of The Selma movie and the African genocide in Boko Haram which occured at the same time as Charlie Hebdo was attacked. 

Ruca and Dave try speculate what's patriotic about sitting in a theater watching a dramatized telling of a Sniper's memoir; why rednecks are so unpatriotic and dishonor American soldiers by hate-protesting American Muslims who are peacefully gathering for a meeting; and watch a Buzzfeed Video about how odd the German language is.

Dave speaks on President Obama, the Tea Party and Ted Cruz. Also, why does Dave tell Dean Cain to go fuck himself?

As always they answer listener questions and read the always cherished feedback. 

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Huge announcement! The live podcast will be on 1/25 at Mr. Tramps 3-4pm. 

On with the show, Ruca and Dave had a quite a few topics this week so here's the list:

Ted Cruz funds NASA?

Russia hates gays?

Who hates the Pope?

Fisting for the Lord?

Sarcastic people are smart?

Bad words are good?

Also, what is Ruca's stance on hash brownies? Can you eat a giraffe? Would you eat a giraffe? If not, then why would you hunt a giraffe? 

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It's the first episode of 2015 and things get real as Dave is barely able to contain his rage over the recent terrorist shooting in Paris. 

It's not all doom and gloom though as Ruca and Dave talk about a recent wrestling event, gay pastors, media bias, a gay couple getting revenge, and idiots posting disclaimers on Facebook. Click the pretty blue links for deets. 




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Ruca is back! Dave is happy! What did you do for Christmas? Ruca and Dave visited Dave's hipster dad and his wife. Tbone learned how to drive a gokart and they all saw The Interview. Was it worth the hype? Who hacked Sony? Will Sarah Palin run for president in 2016?  Does anyone do New Year's resolutions anymore?  All this and more in this exciting episode of the Ruca and Dave Show! 

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Ruca and Dave's schedules are a bit out of whack. While Ruca is out of town, Dave decided to share a few off the beaten path Christmas songs and discuss a few topics. 

As promised, here is the playlist from tonights episode:

The Vandals/Oi to the World

The Kinks/ Father Christmas

The Pogues (feat. Kirsty MacCall)/Fairytale of New York

Pentatonix/Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy

Froggy Fresh & Money Maker Mike/Christmas

Robert Earl Keen/Merry Christmas From the Family

It's a Death Metal Xmas/Here We Come A-Wassailing

Vice Squad/Santa Claws is Coming to Town

Christmas World/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus





It's an early recording but the usual post time. Check it out! Ruca watched part of the WWE's TLC...............and stairs PPV. She was pretty opinionated about the Cena vs. Rollins match. 

Other than that, the duo avoided heavy socio-political topics this week and kept things pretty light and airy. Other than WWE, they discussed a few of their favorite things. Books, cars etc. 

The Dudley and Bob show gets discussed a bit this week and of course they give shoutouts to their podcast homies. 

Oh and Dave almost works clean ths week. 



Oh and please leave a review on iTunes.



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The show starts full throttle as Ruca hears Stephen L. Anderson, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe AZ rant about "homos" and "queers." She's not happy. 

The duo revists the Christmas movie topic but get derailed by more kooky Christians who spank their wives... for disciplinary reasons only. Dave tries to smooth things out by talking about how Green Peace violated Peruvian law by traipsing about the Nazca Lines but Ruca isn't happy about that either. 

They finally get back on track and talk about the final Punch! Comedy Show and Christmas gifts. Ruca is happy about that. 

Dave discusses two audio books he's listened to in the last week, Dr. Zimm's Elixer and First Blood. Sorry gang, no flaming skull ratings for these books but they are highly recommended. You can find them here and here

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White privilage, Christmas movies, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving are all topics of conversation this week. Also Dave takes issue with the way some Christians use God in their everyday lives. 

Ruca breaks down a few Christmas movies she's been watching while Dave makes a poignant observation about Christmas movie formulas. Dave breaks down Sons of Anarchy while Ruca makes a poignant observation about that show's formula. Tit for tat. 

White privilage is discussed in the wake of the Furgusen, MO protests and Dave admits to having a mild identity crisis. But have no fear, Buzzfeed and Cameron Esposito save the day. 

Happy birthday wishes are sent out to show friends Val and Eddie.  

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It's an early episode this week for all you Thanksgiving travelers. So her you go:

It's a loaded episode as Ruca and Dave talk about the Grand Jury decision in Furguson and the DA's association with Officer Darren Wilson. 

Things stay heavy as they discuss President Obama's executive order regarding immigration and whether or not he's the worst president ever *spoiler alert* neither Ruca, nor Dave thinks so. 

Dave does try to lighten the mood by trying to sell Ruca on Mitch Hedberg; and Ruca tries to sell Dave on Christmas movies. Both wonder what is going on with Kirk Cameron. 

Also, Ruca and Dave get an amazing compliment from a listener. 

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The dynamic duo also talk about their podcast homies at Radio Tatas, Taco TuesdayBdoe's Show Before the Show and Cj Morgan and Darkives.

Be sure to follow Ruca and Dave on social media. They need 11 more likes of Facebook and they'll do another live podcast. 


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