This week's episode is a bit shorter than normal. Ruca and Dave are pretty busy things. Okay, Dave is. The duo finalize their wedding plans and Dave creates a new game that Ruca goes ga-ga for. Is his celebrity impersonation better than his singing? Maggie Maye and Out of Bounds Comedy Festival are topics. Ruca tries to get political but Dave puts a stop to that... sort of. Twitter never fails to provide feedback either and the duo have new fan who can actually sing!

Don't forgt the epic 100th podcast will be recorded live from Mr. Tramps, in Austin, Texas on 8/31/14 at 1pm.  

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Classism, not Racism. Comedy, Rick Perry, and a really old Bible?  Find out what voting and Amway have in common. 

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There is a heavy cloud over the studio as Ruca and Dave discuss Robin Williams, and the Furguson riots.  Don't worry, Dave saves the day with an awkward segue and topic switches to movies. 

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It's all dudes all night this time.  Dave cracks the mics open with Gabe and Brennan.  Things get weird.  Just give it a listen. 

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The song of the summer debate rages on!  It may outlast summer.  Dave goes to RAW with Bdoe, and Ruca gets all whatever.  How cold is Barton Springs pool?  How does the world fix Gaza and Israel?

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Dave bumbles through a birthday weekend.  Ruca gets emotional about social issues and vents her frustration. 

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What's it like for a white dude to be at a Mexican Birthday Party?  Does Ruca want to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie?  Are books better than their movie coutnerparts?  

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Ruca's son, TBone, joins Ruca and Dave to talk Improv, movies and music.  Oh and Dave gives Tbone a lesson in politics, and why is Tbone really watching Babymetal?

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No politics this week!  Tales from the Tweet-Mo-Sphere returns, sort of.  Ruca and Dave talk old movies and music from when they were young. 

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It's Ruca's birthday!  She's back on mic and talks of her firsst major political trip to Dallas.  Dave is guest on yet another podcast and the two talk of Hobby Lobby and SCOTUS.

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