Episode 161: Putting Christ Back In Christianity

Dave flies solo and delivers a Thanksgiving sermon wanting to put Christ back in Christianity. Then he stumbles into Star Wars, Jessica Jones and weird little dwarf planet. 

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Episode 160: Vanessa Gonzalez

Local comedian and friend of the show, Vanessa Gonzalez sits in as Ruca tends to baby Marshall. Dave and Vanessa talk about her forays into all things comedy, her upcoming show, and being friend zoned. 

Brotha Dave shows up and tries to recruit Vanessa to be his Spanish language translator. It's also that time of the month for everyone's favorite segment, "Ask Ruca."

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Episode 159: The Dark Side of Life

It was Veteran's Day this week and Dave talks about his conflicted feelings about the holiday. At least Jennifer Jizz loves the vets, since she's offering free blowjobs. Speaking of blowjobs, Ruca and Dave talk about an article in which 14 women explain why they quit giving them and Dave offers up some advice on how to get that going again. 

If America is the freest country on earth, how did Canada get that title. Dave's faith in the multiverse hits a speed bump and Ruca breaks down the episodes 1-4 of Star Wars. 

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Episode 158: It's Cool, We're Hipsters

Tbone had a weird weekend but Dave saved his Saturday. Marshall is doing well but Ruca and Dave continue to suffer from baby brain. 

Dave fills Ruca and the listeners in on the recent Austin Comic Con event, and despite bad weather and a wonky Kickstart tournament, Tbone and Dave had pretty good time.

Ruca and Dave delve into more space related articles and Ruca breaks down hipsters stealing her culture. Also what the fuck is going on with Ben Carson?

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Episode 157: Meet Marshall

A week after giving birth to baby Marshall, Ruca returns to the podcast to talk about being a woman in labor and tries to explain to Dave what contractions feel like. Dave tries to describe a baby shitting himself. In between baby talk, they talk about women's roles in history, chuches and taxes, republican debates, and artistic friends. Dave also shares a Matt Bearden story. 

Speaking of Matt Bearden, congrats on 5 years on air with Dudley and Bob. Speaking of 5 years, congrats to the Dudley and Bob #Warriors on their upcoming 5 year anniversary. Tune into the next episode of Radio TaTas for the in depth Dudley and Bob #Warriors show. 


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Meet Armando and Rupert, two dudes Dave has known for quite a while. They pop a squat, crack the mics. open some Smirnoff Ices and shoot the breeze. It's all good. Especially when they discover Fox New is further discredited due to a hoaxter who was arrested for... well, you must listen to find out.

Brother Dave tries to recruit Rupert and Armando for his ministry team, and Ruca calls in with an update you won't want to miss. 

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Episode 155: AdviceBot 6000 (TM)

As Ruca's sabbatical continues, Dave breaks out his AdviceBot 6000 (TM) to answer the monthly benchmark "Ask Ruca" segment. Things get a bit wonky. Dave also talks about the Fantastic Four coming home to Marvel, alien mega structures, Dyson Spheres, and Pat Robertson. 

Ruca calls in with an exciting baby update. 

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Episode 154: Backwards We Go

Friend of the show, Gabe (@stoopidtree) fills in as the first guest during Ruca's pregnancy sabbatical. Dave and gave cover a bevy of current event topics like Texas school book revisionism, Fantasy Football Gate, Indiana frat-boy sexcapades, and early Christian history. "Brotha Dave" shows up to spread the gospel of American Christianity, and Dave breaks down his number one fear of fatherhood. 

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Episode 153: Selling Ice to Inuits

There have been over 300 doomsday predictions since the Common Era began. They have all been wrong yet people still believe the doomsday prophets. Nibiru has been debunked and still, people believe it exists... they also believe Planned Parenthood uses government money to fund abortions. There are suckers born every minute. 

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Episode 152: Surviving the Apocalypse

Death! Destruction! Pastor Hagee, Jim Bakker and other would have you believe the end is nigh!  Pope Francis simply wants you to be cool to each other. Ruca and Dave simply want you to listen to their show and hang out with their tulpas. It'll all make sense, unlike Mike Huckabee and Carly Fiorina. Oh and how do Ruca and Dave eat Kit Kats?

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